Stress and anxiety are no fun. Here’s a simple yet effective way to reclaim your inner peace:

1. Believe. In order for this, or any other, technique to be effective, the person applying it must be open-minded and believe he or she has the power over his or her emotions.

Remember: Whether you believe you can or you believe you cannot, you’re right.

2. Find a comfortable position. Whether seated or standing, your spine should be in an upright position, shoulders back inline with your ears. Release all tension from the hands and abdomen.

3. Harness the breath. Inhale through the nose for 3 seconds, exhale the nose for 6 seconds. If nose is clogged, use mouth. This ancient cadence and focus on the breath heights self-awareness.

4. Close eyes and smile. Relax the forehead and focus on making your eyes– yes, eyes– smile. Scientific data suggests softening the eyes and making a half-grin with one’s mouth helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and quiet one’s sympathetic, “fight or flight,” system.

Remain like this– using the breath as an anchor to one’s body– for 60 seconds, or 60 minutes. I like to take 1 minute every waking hour for this practice, as a way to remain balanced, calm, and focused. Use it however you like, but the next time you feel frenzied, please remember you have the power to alter your mood, and then employ this or another technique to reclaim your emotions.