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7 Best Exercises for a Functional Body

The human body has remained pretty much the same for over a million years.

Human activities?

Not so much.

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How to Find a Good Personal Trainer: 4 Tips

Personal trainers vary widely in skill. Finding the right one for you can be the difference between crushing your fitness goals or becoming discouraged and quitting.

I don’t want you to quit.

If you’re willing to put in the work, you deserve to achieve your goals. And if you’re willing to invest money in having someone help you along the way, you deserve someone capable of actually doing it.

With this in mind, I came up with four tips to help you select a solid trainer.

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How I Increased My Deadlift 180 lbs in 7 Months

Deadlifting is one of the key exercises for a strong, functional body. It engages the entire posterior chain and mimics lifting something off the ground.

I unfortunately bought into the sensationalist bullshit that deadlifting is bad for you. (Deadlifting, like squats, is only bad for you if your form sucks.) So I never did this keystone exercise for the first 12 years I was working out.

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