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Author: David Ferm

How I Increased My Deadlift 180 lbs in 7 Months

Deadlifting is one of the key exercises for a strong, functional body. It engages the entire posterior chain and mimics lifting something off the ground.

I unfortunately bought into the sensationalist bullshit that deadlifting is bad for you. (Deadlifting, like squats, is only bad for you if your form sucks.) So I never did this keystone exercise for the first 12 years I was working out.

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The One Key to Breaking Bad Habits

This post was written by Simone Wong, the creator of INTENT – a Copenhagen-based lifestyle blog with tips on mindfulness living, minimalism and self-growth.

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4 Resolutions for an Amazing New Year

Around this time of year many people make resolutions. New Year, new me has been beaten into a cliché. That said, the beginning the year is often a great time to start pulling out old destructive habits and planting new productive ones in their place.

But if everyone does this every year why aren’t we all billionaires with six-pack abs?

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